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CRYSTAL FABRIC FIELD is a support structure and exhibition architecture. Commissioned by Site Gallery for Liquid Crystal Display, curated by Laura Sillars & Angelica Sule.

Based on the way that crystals form according to a repeating geometric rule or algorighm I designed a steel component as a 'structural instruction' to connect sheet materials such as MDFand transparent polycarbonate. This bracket defines the possible forms that the structure can take, creating a complex and mutable architecture, a crystalline interface. In LCD the structure houses artworks by 15 other artists alongside natural history artefacts, scientific drawings and mineral samples which examine liquid crystal phenomena, revealing the mystical properties of objects, rooting technology in the natural world and exploring links between crystal, capital and contemporary culture. Crystal Fabric Field also holds the viewers' bodies, incorporating and implicating them in the constructed environment.

Waad AlBawardi; Lise Autogena & Joshua Portway; Ralf Baecker; Anna Barham; Karen David; The Crystal World (Jonathan Kemp, Martin Howse, Ryan Jordan); Liliane Lijn; Ann Lislegaard; Penny McCarthy; The Otolith Group; Mungo Ponton; Eva Rothschild; Ruskin Collection; Shimabuku; Kiki Smith; Suzanne Treister; Jennifer West

Site Gallery, Sheffield
29.09.18 - 27.01.19