They are all of them themselves and they repeat it and I hear it: a yearlong reading of Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans (1925)

Organised by Irene Revell and Anna Barham

On New Year’s Eve of 1974/5 Stein's 925 page novel was read aloud in a ‘marathon’ 48-hour reading at Artists Space in New York, organised by Alison Knowles, Annea Lockwood, Ruth Anderson and Jean Rigg, starting a tradition that has continued into the present. After a 'mini-marathon' in London last Summer as part of Longplayer Day we proposed to slow down the format and read the book over the whole of 2020, in 4-hour chunks roughly every four weeks on a weekend afternoon.  Since meeting in groups is not possible at the moment we are taking the project online and meeting for two hours every two weeks instead.  Please contact ayearwithstein (at) if you'd like to join us.

Upcoming dates:

Thursday 09.04.20, 20.15 - 22.15 GMT
Wednesday 22.04.20, 20.15-22.15 GMT

We are broadcasting each session live in the player above,
or listen to the recordings below:

Session 1 part 1 - 11/01/20

Session 1 part 2 - 11/01/20

Session 2 part 1 - 01/02/20

Session 2 part 2 - 01/02/20

Session 3 part 1 - 07/03/20

Session 3 part 2 - 07/03/20

Session 4 - 27/03/20